Organic project in Spain

2017 small farm production in Spain found its way in to our selection.

We have started a great project with Spanish small farms and small producers. These Spanish Aduki products are delivered directly from the farms and small companies, without middle men – fresh, ripened under the Spanish sun and always the most recent harvest! And organic of course!

Since organic sales became a significant commercial player, we wanted to move away from mass production and find smaller producers. We have found farmers, who have decades of skills and passion, and have farmed and produced their products themselves, mainly in family companies, where these skills move on from one generation to the next.

The production of orange jam begins with peeling – photo from the stunning mountain village of Benalauria in Andalusia, Spain

Our selection currently consists of organic nuts and almonds – whole or ground, various beans – dried or in jars, dried mini “calabacita” figs from Malaga, peaches, pears, persimons, spices such as genuine saffron, paprika powders, garlic, pistachio and other nut pastes, sugar-free organic jams, high-quality Manzanilla and Empeltre olives, as well as virgin olive oil made with Empeltre olives from the region of Baja Aragonia.

Our products come from small countryside and mountain villages all around Spain. The products are usually typical production for the locality, which has a position issued by the locality. Size-wise, Spain is a large country, which has stunning mountain ranges, nature reserves, pure nature and idyllic little villages and a great deal of sun!

We went on a short detour to the neighbouring country, Portugal, because we were unable to source organic sea salt anywhere.  In Southern Portugal, in the Ria Formosa nature reserve, we found a family farm, where sea salt is produced at a small scale as artisan work by using traditional methods, and which has a Nature & Progress organic certificate.  We are happy to pack this salt that is loved by culinary enthusiasts for Finns too!

At Aduki, we are proud to be able to provide these amazing products, which have a genuine flavour and which have been produced with a lot of care, in reach of Finns too.










Men observing the growth of lentils and chickpeas in the stunning highlands of Castilla Leon in Northern Spain.

Cleaning of pistachios below. Aduki’s Spanish pistachios come from a family farm in Central Spain. Aduki offer both shell-less, green, and salted & roasted pistachios.






The great bell pepper farmers from the heart of Spain, in Sevilla – this is where we source our lovely organic paprika powders:  sweet, hot and smoked paprika.  Paprika is a favourite among Finns too – colourful and gentle-flavoured, as well as a high levels of vitamin