What we represent

Aduki is a family company, packaging plant and importer from Helsinki. A small company which was named after the Japanese aduki bean in 1980 and which continues to operate according to the same values.


Prepare, try and discover

Enjoy food and cooking. Stop; cook with your friends and family.

Good work

From people to people

We want to support traditions as well as good jobs with us and around the world.


Make a difference with your choices!

We want to offer environmentally friendly, ethically and ecologically valuable food.

Aduki’s stunning own
organic project in Spain

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Brief history of Aduki

Aduki was established at the end of 1980. We were enthusiastic globetrotters interested in vegetarian cuisine and had made friends with a Danish organic wholesale company, which founders have since remained our friends. We purchased a small batch of products from them: dark rice, soy sauce, seaweed and other macrobiotics. We thought, if no-one buys them, we will eat them ourselves.

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Aduki as a partner

We are continuously seeking new partners as our resellers, and we are able to offer our products for both small and large demands.

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