About Us

Brief history of Aduki

Aduki was established at the end of 1980. We were enthusiastic globetrotters interested in vegetarian cuisine and we had familiarised in the Danish organic wholesale, which founders have since remained our friends. We purchased a small batch of products from them: dark rice, soy sauce, seaweed and other macrobiotics. We thought, if no-one buys them, we will eat them ourselves. We would like to thank our lovely long-term customers, who have supported us and used our products for years, as well as thank our new customers, who appreciate both the natural taste and high quality of food, and want to protect our nature as well as nature elsewhere.

In 2017, Aduki is a family business operating in its second generation, and we continue to proceed with new ideas accompanying our fundamental values.

Varastollamme on paljon käsityötä, joten tarvitsemme työhön ihmiskäsiä.

We began by packaging basic products. We purchased products from Denmark, France and England. Initial hit products were beans, seeds, soy sauce, herbal teas such as Taivaantee and Universal tea. We have however also imported goods produced by others, such as tea, coffee and oils. We have obtained great brands for our selection: e.g. Clipper, Biona, Alara, King Soba, Muso, Steenberg`s, Voelke – many of these organic operator pioneers are family companies, where the children have continued the operations of the business. We have always become good friends with these people. Although some of them are now big, the same ideology can still be found in the background of the company. In addition, good professional skills is the best guarantee for the safety of products. And good relationships form the foundations for trust and professionalism.

World trade began in the early 1980s. Alongside organic food, the understanding of the concept of fair trade was increased strongly. Aduki was one of the first importers of Fair Trade products in Finland: Ucir’s Cafe Mexico – Max Havelaar in 1989. Then came Maya Gold chocolate, Clipper teas – all the pioneers of organic and fair trade. Aduki currently has approximately 60 different Fair Trade products.

And it was not just a case of food, but also washing detergents, cosmetics, pet food, recycled paper and the entirety around us in terms of nutrition, health and the environment. We also want to avoid placing unnecessary stress on the environment, and therefore, we use light packaging materials, such as a single-form polypropylene bag, which can be recycled or incinerated.


Meitä on yhteensä 16 työntekijää.

Our warehouse and packaging plant is located in Herttoniemi, in Eastern Helsinki.
We form a group of 16 employees. Aduki has provided many young people a first job, which has been a good starting point, a few have even gone on to establishing their own companies. There is a lot of manual work at our warehouse, so we require human hands for the work.   This is great for us.

We have also provided a workplace for a few foreigners and we have even helped a family be brought together. They have settled well, and they have recently purchased their first home in Helsinki, which we are also very proud about.

Our selection currently consists of approximately 1,100 products, which are sold in eco and health shops, speciality shops, department stores, restaurants, cafes and markets.